Sextortion and Online Blackmail growing

One of the crimes committed against women online is “Sextortion.”    Often targeting underage girls, the perpetrator will threaten the victim with the release of explicit images if they do not send additional explicit images or perform pornography on demand.    There are things parents should know when talking to their kids about sextortion.   And it’s only illegal in five states.  Read More


New York Post reporter Gabrielle Fonrouge asked Brooklyn lawyer Carrie Goldberg to provide a comment for her exposé on “Anon IB” or Anonymous Image Board titled, “Inside the twisted revenge porn site that’s ruining women’s lives.”

Anon IB is a Panama-based nonconsensual pornography website that has contributed to the destruction of thousands of women.

Almost immediately after the Ny Post’s publication, the revenge porn website lost its source of ad revenue, which will be a major blow to the site’s operations!

Don’t sue us, sue the Internet

It is a growing theme among new media sites like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Grindr and Tindr:  they are happy to make billions of dollars selling the privacy or intellectual property of others, but refuse to take responsibility for the negative repercussions.    Grindr is still claiming the service isn’t to blame for being a conduit for harassment of a gay man by his ex-boyfriend.

Donations to the Digital Assault Defense Fund provide funding and resources for active legal cases involving online harassment and blackmail.